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Packing Furniture for Shipping Preparing Your Goods for Shipment

Packing furniture for shipping is the process of preparing goods or materials for transportation.

This includes the use of Packing materials and methods to protect goods from damage during transit.

Packing also helps prevent shipment loss or theft. There are several types of furniture Packing for shipping

According to the type of goods transported. The role of Packing and handling in a secure shipment is of the utmost importance

For everyone involved in supply chain management. Let’s start with a brief history of packing furniture for shipping over the centuries

Shipping packing or shipping Packing is one of the most important factors when it comes to shipping goods.

In every import/export process, there are two major challenges that shippers face, which are both customer and freight satisfaction. The customer needs a safe and reliable means of transportation. so that he can receive the goods undamage. and on the other hand. the shipper requires. that the space on his shipment be fully used for maximum profit.

The issue of packing goods for shipment should be consider at the beginning of the shipping process. The size and quality of packing must correspond to the type of transport. The main function of packing is to protect and preserve goods during storage and transit. However, protection is not only require against loss, damage and misappropriation of goods, but also depends on:

Freight forwarding furniture

The nature of the contents from the moisture that enters or exits the Packing furniture for shipping. High or low temperatures, light, insect infestation, pollution, and other natural hazards. Dry cargo includes raw materials and semi-finished or finished goods. They do not require the same containment as gases and liquids.

Packing furniture for shipping

How to prepare for shipment

When shipping goods internationally, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of Packing furniture for shipping properly. This is particularly the case when you are packing merchandise for shipment.

What are the types of furniture packing?

The carton box is still the most common economic container for shipping. This is understandable because shippers are looking for packing that is efficient, yet inexpensive and lightweight. However, the use of cardboard boxes is restrict by the following:

Normal packing:

It is the process of Packing furniture for shipping to be wrapp by shipping furniture by experience workers by knowing each type and method of packing. But the freight is not good for the freight, we don’t do this packing.

Carton Roll packing:

Carton Roll packing, which is one of the strongest types of packing, is used for valuable items. and is package with or without cardboard.

Bubble packing:

It is wrapping pieces of furniture with bubble bags, in order to protect glass, wooden pieces, and kitchen utensils. and it is possible to combine two or more types of packing materials. and there are some customers who request packing themselves as furniture packing for shipment.

What are the products use to pack furniture for shipment?

Furniture moving companies use several products to wrap furniture before moving it. in order to protect it from damage, scratching and breakage, using several types of cartons used to pack furniture for shipment:

Corrugated carton:

It is a strong, heavy carton, and it is used to wrap all pieces of furniture. such as: master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, dining rooms, salon rooms, living rooms, kitchen pieces., whether wood or alumetal, and all electrical appliances. Shipping furniture.

Stretch Tape:

Stretch is also one of the important products use in wrapping furniture or luggage before shipping. and stretch is of great importance in preserving furniture because it tightens all parts of the cardboard on the furniture. and it keeps the furniture from dust and is good at storing furniture and home furnishings.


Cardboard is use to wrap glass in order to provide protection against breakage. Newspapers and magazines are also use in the process of Packing furniture for shipping. personal belongings, kitchen utensils, and clothing packing.

What are the steps to pack furniture for shipment?

The furniture packing process is the most important step in moving the furniture safely to the new home. and there are several steps that must be taken into account when packing furniture for shipping, such as:

The first step:

Furniture must be dismantle in the beginning by technicians specialize in carpentry or electricity to dismantle electrical appliances.

The second step:

Furniture must be clean well before wrapping it, in order to be furnishe again while it is clean.

The third step:

Furniture must be wrapp after disassembly. so as not to be expose to any damage, scratching or breakage of valuable pieces.

The fourth step:

The furniture packing process requires specialized technicians to wrap and protect valuable pieces well.

Fifth step:

The best types of cardboard should be use, which helps to preserve furniture without any damage.

What are the things to consider while packing furniture for shipping?

  • The types of cartons vary according to the pieces of furniture that will be shipp.
  • The packing materials must be tighten well on the furniture so that a vacuum does not form of air or dust that acts as an insulator between the packing of the furniture for shipment.
  • The process of packing furniture varies according to the shipping distance that a car travels to ship the furniture.
  • Writing down the contents of the cartons that are wrapp using adhesive tape. and writing notes, and this process helps to arrange the process of moving furniture and ease of furnishing it.

What types of plastics are use to pack furniture for shipment?

Plastic in the form of bubbles: One of the best types of plastic use in Packing furniture for shipping is plastic in the form of bubbles. and this type is characterize by its high endurance during the shipping process.

What is the role of sofa packing bags in the process of packing furniture for shipping?

The sofa is one of the important holdings that must be kept intact. and the bags for packing the sofa are considere one of the important tools that furniture packing companies use for shipping. in the packing of many different types of sofas. whether sofas, sofas, boards, and salons, and these bags work to preserve the pieces. The sofa is clean of dust, and it also works to protect it from insects and damage during the shipping process.

How do you pack wooden furniture?

Home furniture contains a lot of wooden pieces that need to be disassemble before shipping, such as wardrobe parts, beds, desks and other wooden pieces. These pieces must be dismantle by technicians in carpentry work and reinstall again. They are wrapp with special paper, which is cardboard.

How are glass and mirrors packaged?

Glass and mirrors are among the most important and dangerous pieces durin the shipping process, because they are easily breakable, and care must be taken in the packing of these pieces due to their importance for every home, such as mirrors, niche glass, and bedroom glass, and cork is use to wrap these glass pieces.

The glass pieces are wrapp in all directions and corks are place on the glass pieces, then wrapp again using plastic bubbles or bubbles. The furniture moving company also puts foam inside the boxes that contain antiques and glass collectibles, because the foam works to withstand shocks and thus protect the pieces from breakage.

What is the method of packing antiques and antiques?

One of the most important types of carton is the carton use in packing antiques and antiques such as crystal. glass and metal. Antiques and antiques are among the most valuable and valuable pieces that are shipp for shipment. They must be taken care of and taken care of in their packing so as not to suffer any damage during the shipping process. as it is difficult to replace them again, and the materials use for packing vary. Furniture for shipping those important pieces between cartons and plastic.

Antiques and antiques are wrapp well at first with plastic made of bubbles. then they are place inside boxes of strong cardboard, and linings are place under those boxes to increase the protection of those boxes during the shipping process. and each piece is place separately in a cardboard box by itself.

Can the homeowner pack himself?

There are some customers who ask to pack the furniture themselves. This is to ensure privacy and increase concern for the safety of valuable pieces and the fear of being broken. The customer can purchase the packing materials himself from the stores specialized in selling furniture accessories. Or request packing materials from the furniture moving company that will transport the furniture. The company will send him the raw materials at the factory price. The company will send the materials with simple manual equipment with the representative. With a simplified explanation of the packing method.

What are the basics to packing furniture for shipping?

To know the basics of furniture packing, you must know the basics of moving furniture first. Then knowing the types of cardboard used in furniture packing, which is to dismantle the glass, wrap it with cardboard and plastic, and put it inside the trucks. Very carefully as he climbed into the house to put it back together safely. Antiques and artifacts are shipp using sound scientific methods to preserve them and their historical value. without being broken by wrapping them well and placing them inside tightly close boxes.

The cost of packing furniture for shipping

The question about the cost of packing furniture for shipping is one of the most frequently ask questions by customers. as they believe that it is a process for shipping. Expensive and expensive. especially if it is for shipping from one country to another and over long distances. but if your inquiry is about the cost of transportation with a company. we want you to know that the lowest price offered by our company is only the cheapest price without competition with the highest amazing discounts.

The cheapest furniture packing company for shipping

Furniture packing company for shipping is classified among the cheapest companies. We want to make the financial matter inexpensive and not cause a crisis for those who need shipping, especially for shipping a lot of possessions. Such as wrapping villas, palaces, and places with a large area full of properties. Therefore, the company wants to provide the service and your money, and we offered the cheapest prices, high quality, with the highest discounts. We do not want financial profit as much as helping customers, comforting them, and being able to reach their luggage wherever they want and at a price that satisfies them. In exchange for our simple prices, you will get labor that works with distinguished strategies, the latest equipment, and modern, fast and safe delivery methods for packing furniture for shipping.