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Furniture Packing services in Dubai

Moving can be exciting Furniture Packing services in Dubai,

But it can also feel like an overwhelming amount of work.

Packing your furniture is one of the biggest components of any move.

If you gather the right materials and wrap your pieces carefully,

you can make sure they survive the move in great shape.

Just make sure to break down larger items before packing, if possible.

You’ll also want to take extra care with fragile items by using extra layers of protection.

Making a Plan and Gathering Your Supplies

Decide which pieces of furniture to take apart. Moving can be difficult,

especially if you have a lot of large pieces of Furniture packing.

If possible, you’ll want to disassemble items that will not fit through doorways or down a narrow staircase.

Should also think about taking apart fragile items or highly valuable items, as they can be easier to move in pieces. A list of items you want to disassemble might include:

Packing yourself

Sometimes some clients in Dubai and surrounding cities such as Dubai and others order plastic furniture packaging or cartons for packing items in bulk from us. This is because they want to go through the experience of wrapping the furniture themselves in order to preserve the privacy of some of their furniture pieces.

Therefore, our customers ask us to send them furniture packaging materials of all kinds. Therefore, we send these materials to our customers at competitive prices with our representative. But in general, we advise our valued customers to leave the matter of packing their furniture to our technicians who have experience in this field. Because the packaging of home furniture requires actual experience and full knowledge of the type of packaging required based on the surrounding circumstances and the quality of each piece of furniture in the house.

Packing Material use: Laila Moving Company

We use these types of packing material for wrapping which is good for customer that dont scratch any things and every things will care,our company provide these material such as:

Furniture Packing Services in Dubai

Packing Tape

Most people are tempted to choose the cheapest option when selecting packing tape. However, we recommend spending a little more on quality heavy-duty tape.The cheaper tape is usually thinner which is more prone to breaking and does not have the same sticking power as heavy-duty tape.

This could be disastrous for your belongings if a box becomes untapped during transit. Always stick to brands that you are familiar with, and go with the options that are extra duty to ensure everything stays in place during the move.

Also consider buying your packing tape in bulk to save cost overall, as you will end up needing more than you think you will.

Bubble wrapping

Bubble wrap is a moving staple. Easy to use, it provides extra cushion, protects against scratches and keeps dust and dirt off wrapped items. It’s also relatively inexpensive, and you can save it for your next move or when you need to ship a package.

What you may not realize, though, is there’s a right way—and a wrong way—to use it. Use it incorrectly and you could forfeit all the protection it offers or, worse yet, wind up damaging some of your belongings’ surfaces. Use it the right way, and it’s one of the best packing materials there is. Before your next move, make sure you know how to use bubble wrap to get the most protection for your treasured belongings.

Shrink Wrapping

If you’re doing your own loading, you’ll want a roll of large shrink wrap to protect upholstered, wood, and metal furniture. This not only protects the furniture from getting scratched or dirty, but it helps avoid damage to the walls of your old and new place. If you’re hiring hourly moving help for the loading, ask if they’ll be bringing a supply and how much they charge.

Carton Roll wrapping

It is an excellent and very strong wrapping that is used for valuable purposes and for many different types of luggage. It can also be wrapped with or without cardboard. We use Carton Roll for bedroom furniture like bed, cupboard, side table, dressing and some mirror as well.

Moving Blankets

Removal companies will have specialized moving blankets. With this option you know you’re getting a thick blanket that can also be used inside the moving truck.The softness of cotton will protect even the most delicate items and generally come in different sizes to fit all your different types of furniture.

However, any thick blanket that you own will be just as effective for larger household items.

Disassembling Large Items

Remove the cushions and take apart the sofa by uncovering the frame. Start by removing all of the cushions and turning the sofa onto its back. Unscrew the legs and place those and the cushions aside to move separately Furniture Packing services in Dubai. Use a Flathead screwdriver and pliers to remove the staples that secure the covering to the bottom of the sofa.

Roll the upholstery far enough up that you can see the frame of the sofa and the fasteners that hold the arms to the base.
Loosen the bolts or screws that secure the arms with an Allen wrench or a screwdriver. Roll up the upholstery far enough so that you can remove the arms.

Look for the bolts that hold the seat and back of the sofa together. Remove the bolts and separate the pieces of the frame, just as you did with the arms.ake careful notes so that you remember how to reassemble the sofa.Furniture Packing services in Dubai Only undo as much upholstery as is necessary. Follow these same steps to take apart an easy chair.

Unscrew table legs to disassemble a table

For small tables, place them on a surface like a counter or a workbench so that you can see underneath. For larger tables, you will likely need to get underneath the table for a good vantage point. Each leg will be held in place with hardware called a leg assembly. Locate each leg assembly and use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the bolts from each leg assembly. Once the screws are out, remove the braces from the legs.

You may also need to unscrew the legs from the table. Gently twist them to the left until they come loose easily.
Pack the braces and screws separately in a clearly labeled bag.

Remove the headboard and footboard to begin taking apart your bed.

Strip your bed of all bedding and pillows. Remove your mattress and box spring from the frame and place them to the side. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the headboard and foot-board from the mainframe of the bed.

If your bed frame has slats, unscrew each slat and remove them from the frame.

Wrapping Your Furniture

Wrapping Your Furniture

Cover Furniture Packing services in Dubai with blankets or furniture pads. To best protect your furniture, wrap it carefully with pads or blankets. You can use old blankets that you already have or you can purchase or rent some moving specific blankets from a moving supply company. Start at one end and wrap around the entire circumference of the piece. Make sure to also cover the top and bottom of the item. Pretend like you are wrapping a present and make sure to cover everything.

For larger pieces, you will need multiple blankets or pads. our partner is here for movers in Ajman is well

Wrap table and Sofa

It’s best if you can remove the legs before packing. If they are not removable, make sure that they are wrapped very carefully. Tightly secure the material by going around each individual leg with the padding and the plastic wrap. You want to be able to see a distinct outline of each table leg

Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap

You might want an extra layer of protection for certain items. If you are particularly worried about scratches or other damage to a piece of wooden Furniture Packing services in Dubai, add a layer of bubble wrap on top of the plastic wrap. Take a roll of bubble wrap and wrap it around the entire piece of furniture, securing with tape.

Pack your television by covering it with a cloth and securing with plastic wrap

Cover your television with an old blanket or cover. Take two Styrofoam blocks and cut a piece the width of your TV screen out of each. Place the blocks over the blanket or TV cover and secure by wrapping plastic wrap around the screen.

Make sure to tape all cords to the base of the TV so they don’t get in the way.

Wrap your lamp in the newspaper

Remove the light bulb and lampshade from the base of the lamp and set aside. Wrap the cord around the base of the lamp and secure it with tape. Wrap the base of the lamp in newsprint and secure it with tape.

Place the lamp in a box and place crumpled newsprint around the sides.
To pack the lampshade, line the sides of a box with newsprint and place the shade in the box. Place crumpled newsprint under the shade to help it retain its shape.

The best prices for furniture packing Dubai

The prices of companies are always different from others, because the packing process requires experience and professionalism, as the company carries out all the work professionally and with nominal costs that everyone can provide and work with, so our company decided to do a lot of distinctive and different works that help to implement the largest A group of works in one day and the lowest costs.

This is because our labor is characterized by experience and professionalism in all works, and it can do the largest work, so you do not have to worry about dealing with our company, the best Furniture Packing services in Dubai, only all you have to do is communicate with our company’s team and enjoy the best and best special works that you want, as we do In all areas related to furniture, including disassembly, installation, packing and transportation.

What packaging materials are available ?

Moving companies and the best furniture wrapping company in Dubai disassemble and pack the furniture at least two days before moving, then re-install the furniture in the new home, which saves you a lot of time and effort. Therefore, do not hesitate to use furniture wrapping companies in Dubai if you want to protect your furniture from breakage or damage.

Is the furniture wrapped after disassembly ?

Yes. We care about cleaning the furniture well before carrying out the wrapping process, and this step is the most important thing in preserving the furniture for as long as possible. We pack the furniture and luggage for free after dismantling the luggage, then moving it to the new place and installing it with a comprehensive warranty on the luggage.

Are offers and discounts offered for Furniture Packing ?

We can operate and deliver packaging materials of the highest quality with the lowest possible. We always offer exclusive offers and discounts to all our old customers, and we also offer discounts and purchase vouchers of up to 70% with fabulous quality.