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Shipping from Dubai to Jordan Your Global Trade Partner

The best shipping company from Dubai to Jordan for Shipping from Dubai to Jordan, air and sea shipping

Land logistics services, shipping packing, storage, furniture shipping

Laila Shipping Company can provide a wide range of container shipping services internationally including Jordan.

Our international container shipping services as well as airmail services

Our products are known worldwide for their reliability and affordability. Our team acquired

Positive reputation over many years from domestic and international shipping companies.

Not only can we provide assistance to individuals looking to ship for import and export but we are proud to be…

Among some of the best moving experts in the world. This means that whether you need something Shipping from Dubai to Jordan. Or you are simply requesting to ship household goods to Jordan, our team of seasoned professionals can get the job done and on your schedule. Reliability has been synonymous with the name of Laila Freight Transport, and throughout our years of business.

We have been able to develop some excellent contacts in the industry that we use every day especially in Jordan. It makes the customs clearance process and improving the level of service we have much easier. Through these well-established business networks, we can reduce the time it takes to ship your items worldwide.

Our team for shipping services to Jordan

Our team offers door-to-door shipping, shipping to border checkpoints, as well as shipping directly to ports or warehouses throughout Jordan. When it comes to moving from Dubai to Jordan, having these different shipping options can help reduce the shipping cost in your budget as well as improve the convenience of your move.

Shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia

Our goal is to work closely with our customers to become trusted experts in shipping household goods to shipping from Dubai to Jordan. We begin this initial contact with the help of a survey and formal citation. By providing us with some information about the types of goods you plan to ship or the types of household goods you need to ship to Jordan.

We can create a fair quote for the cost of shipping your item. With full container rates as well as partial container rates available, we can work to reduce costs by allowing you to share shipping space with other customers as well as get creative with port forwarding and logistics.

Search for easy shipping services to Jordan from the Emirates

We can load the container and do all the paperwork for export and import door to door transportation to Jordan. Moreover, we provide all-round Saudi door to door service in a comprehensive way. We at Laila Shipping Services meet your customers’ expectations in terms of quality, time, speed, modernization and transparency.

We understand the importance of appreciating this opportunity and hence we have enough quality and experience to meet the expectations of the Saudi community who wants to send Parcel to Jordan.

Cargo Services from Dubai to Jordan

Try cheap shipping services to from Dubai with Laila. We carry out personal as well as commercial shipping to Jordan, and we provide professional packaging and fast delivery. However, our team is committed to providing all these aspects of service delivery to all our individual customers who send personal items to Jordan.

Learn more about our Services

  • Door to door shipping to Jordan
  • Shipping to Jordan
  • Door to door shipping service to Jordan
  • Sea shipping to Jordan
  • Group Freight to Jordan
  • Shipping furniture to Jordan
  • House moved to Jordan
  • Commercial shipment to Jordan
  • Transporting unpacking to Jordan

Experience hassle-free shipping service from UAE to Jordan in a professional manner to the following major cities in Jordan. It is clear that Dubai residents are experiencing comprehensive shipping services in the easiest possible way with Laila Cargo.

Shipping Company from Dubai to Jordan

For the Saudi Company as a marine insurance service for all types of shipments in coordination with the exporter or importer.

Transportation and shipping agency services with cargo container equipment. Car shipping services from Dubai to Jordan and all Saudi cities. The possibility of a shipping company from Dubai to Jordan to the port of Jordan or the port of Tripoli, according to the customer’s request.

Cargo to Jordan

The possibility of Cargo to Jordan and transporting all shipments, whether complete or partial, in addition to the possibility of transporting large projects of large weights and sizes, Transmar Jordan, from the Emirates. High skill in shipping operations to Jordan from regular, refrigerated and open containers to and from Jordan. Get international shipping to Jordan as door-to-door shipping and delivery services.

Dubai to Saudi Cargo Service price

When calculating the cost of shipping goods from the UAE to Jordan, the shipping agent will take into account the following factors:

  • The type of shipment you are shipping
  • Your preferred mode of transportation (air, FCL or LCL)
  • How much does your cargo weigh?
  • The size and size of your goods
  • How far is it from the origin to the destination of your goods

In general, air freight and sea freight rates are similar for shipments weighing less than 100 kg. Businesses often choose the quickest option which is usually air freight. Dubai to Saudi Cargo service price For goods weighing more than 100 kg, sea shipping is usually more effective in terms of prices than air shipping.

Laila – like most freight forwarders – does not handle goods weighing less than 35 kg.

Cheap Shipping From Dubai to Jordan

Also, did you know that we are offering a great offer that allows you to save 30% on your transportation fees? Yes, we do that for the cheapest shipping to Jordan. You read that correctly. This is the perfect opportunity to surprise friends and family at home. You can also send a free courier to send us a quote to understand delivery strategies, prices and all the different details you may need.

Being one of the leading courier services in the United Arab Emirates, “shipping company from Dubai to Jordan,” we ship every day to a lot of international shipping companies all over the world with fast delivery service and cheap prices. We offer you easy door to door delivery service in the most hassle free manner. Whether it’s small parcels or bulk international shipments, we’ll pick them up at your doorstep.

Sea Shipping from Dubai to Jordan

Sea Freight Services offers its expertise in providing services and solutions for shipping goods globally from the UAE to Jordan. Across oceans for all types of companies, whether small or large. Our global sea freight network enables us to transport your shipments and ensure that they reach the desired place at the right time, as there is no place that the Laila cannot reach.

Land Shipping from Dubai to Jordan

Laila Shipping Dubai International Transport Company is one of the market leaders in the UAE that deals in Saudi shipping services. Our wide network of agents and number of valid branches make us capable and market leader in the moving industry. Shipping Company Dubai Our fully equipped shipping vehicles moving in the UAE and Jordan offer a full range of services that also handle customs clearance and all things to make your journey smooth. We also act as a representative for some airline companies.

We are working in collaboration with those airlines for desert service here in Jordan UAE. Having a storage facility you can easily schedule your move. What we do to facilitate you is that we collect your belongings from your place that you want to send to Jordan. We keep them safe in our warehouse on a temporary basis.

Shipping Company Dubai On the specified date, we take your step and provide everything and reassemble your belonging to the destination provided in Jordan. We always strive to provide you with the complete solution that suits your needs.

Air Freight from Dubai to Jordan

Air Freight from Services

At Laila we always put you, our customers, at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly improving all aspects of our service so that we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. We are here to support you with our customs expertise, variety of shipping solutions and a wealth of knowledge in international shipping. With door to door delivery services from the time of delivery until package delivery including customs clearance. Volume Divider: (LWH)cm / 5000 (Air shipments) Shipping weight is calculated based on the higher side of the actual weight or volume weight of each box.

Customs Clearance* and Brokerage Fees – Due to few countries, customs regulations and restrictions will not allow the carrier to clear the parcel in those cases, the consignee has to arrange a customs broker to clear the parcel and absorb those fees. Duties and Taxes – Customs duties are collected from the recipient in most cases, and if they need to be billed again, they can be invoiced again according to the countries and carrier approvals.

Receiving and Weighing

Our services include receiving your goods, at the warehouse where we will unload the shipments from the courier vehicles. We will itemize and weigh your incoming goods to add to your online account. There are no size or weight restrictions for commercial customers. No matter the size of your goods, we are able to transport them safely to cities all over Jordan. We use the correct equipment and machinery to safely weigh and handle your incoming cargo shipments so they are ready to ship to Jordan.

Receipt and weight

Required Documents

Customs may impose customs duties and/or import VAT or any related late fees and taxes, as well as fines, penalties and/or late payment interest on the carrier when clearing information and/or documents are inaccurate or incomplete – “Shipping Company from Dubai To Jordan” such as invoices, (customs) values, currencies or commodity codes – are provided in connection with shipments. If inaccurate or incomplete information/documentation is provided to carriers by, or on behalf of, upon instructions from or under the responsibility of the sender or recipient, the sender, recipient and – if applicable – third party will be responsible

We are jointly and severally liable to the carrier for any such amounts. The carrier has the right to charge an administrative fee for refused packages and the costs of returning the merchandise, where applicable, to the sender. Address Correction – If the recipient’s address on the air bill, air waybill or shipping label is incomplete or incorrect.

We may attempt to find the correct address and complete delivery. We will assess the additional cost. Extended Area Service – Shipments (subject to service availability) that are delivered or received from remote and less accessible locations are assessed as Out of Delivery Area or Out of Receiving Area. Packaging – Goods packing facility available for certain locations with additional charges. Storage – Storage facility available In Dubai for shipping for an additional fee.

Goods Processing

Preparing for Cargo

Once you are ready to ship your goods, you will simply select all the items in your online inbox to create a shipment. You will be able to enter your recipient information and locate the branch you would like your goods shipped to. Once you complete your shipping order, our staff will process your shipment by picking and packing all of the ordered items you have chosen to ship. Once all items have been successfully cleared, we will unpack your goods and complete the export commercial invoice. We handle all export filings and documentation on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Air Cargo Transportation

We will transport your shipment to Jebel Ali Airport, Jordan for export to Jordan Airport. We will deliver your shipment to the airport with all documents and files required for export. An Air Waybill will be issued for your shipment once it is submitted to the airlines and the usual transit time from Jebel Ali to Jordan is up to thirty days.

aircargo services

Best Shipping Company from Dubai to Jordan

It can be difficult to find trustworthy moving companies. A discerning client will always choose a company with a proven track record. Laila Shipping has been one of the best international moving companies in Dubai over the past decade. Laila Transport provides assistance internationally with shipping services for those moving from Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE.

We are the international movers in Dubai you can trust. Laila Shipping offers a number of different full-service shipping options from the UAE to anywhere in the world. No matter the size of your move, Layla has the resources to move goods to and from practically anywhere in the world.

Laila achieves her goals by relying on a number of well-established moving companies around the world. “Shipping Company from Dubai to Jordan” Our wide network of agents, international movers, border agents and others are always concerned with protecting the interests of our customers.

Our worldwide reach has allowed us to serve our customers over many years and provide some of the best customer service in the international shipping industry. Feel free to apply for a free quote to get real-time information about the transportation cost. We are happy to discuss your potential move with you and help you explore the different types of services we have available.

Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of the moving process goes completely smoothly and that we can meet or beat deadlines. Our team is able to handle every aspect of your move. This means we can provide a professional quote for moving your residence, exporting goods from the UAE or exporting/importing personal items.


What is the shipping price from Dubai to Jordan?

Shipping fees from Dubai to Jordan vary depending on the weight, what you want to send and the way you want to send it. Usually, sea shipping to Jordan from Dubai is cheaper than air shipping.

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive in Jordan?

Depending on the service, it may take between 5 days to 30 days. Air freight is the fastest way to send shipments from the UAE to Jordan, as it does not take more than a week. Door to door sea shipments can take up to 30 days.

What is the permitted weight from Dubai to Jordan?

We do not have any minimums for air shipping. However, for sea cargo, we accept 30kg minimum.

Do you ship electronically from Dubai to Jordan?

Yes, we can send any kind of electronic appliances like TV, LCD, washing machine, mobile, laptop and other household and commercial items.