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Laila Furniture Movers Company is a company that provides moving services for furniture, household furniture, Office, Home and Villa furniture within the United Arab Emirates at any time and everywhere. It is your choice of the best furniture movers, because Laila Movers offers you a moving service in the fastest way, In the fastest time and at the cheapest prices. We are the best moving and packing company in UAE.

Moving furniture. We offer available rates and discounts without compromising the quality of the transfer. Our professional movers are hard workers and professional movers and have been in the industry of moving for the past 10+ years. The feedback and reviews of our clients about our services are great. We understand that, and have all their solutions under one roof with specialized teams to suit every specific type of movement you need.

✅ 10000+ Move every year

✅ 50 Team members to make your move worry-free

We operate in the location with the most collection points and the fastest delivery. We are always responsible for what you send and what we deliver.


Laila Moving Company – Packing, Moving, Unpacking

Our Intro: Experience is the basis in moving furniture. Based on our experience, we talk about the capabilities that we provide to our customers, the multiple options, flexible working hours, and competitive prices, which we are distinguished by. We can carry out all of our customers’ requirements at Laila Moving Company for unpacking and installing furniture.

Our experience extends to multiple years in transporting, packing and storing furniture. Within the Emirates, it provides the best service with ease of communication and speed of implementation, a team of experts, and more services at the lowest costs. Our goal is to maintain the safety of furniture pieces by following the latest transportation methods.

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We are everywhere

At Laila Furniture movers, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of transportation, freight, customs clearance, and documentation services under one roof. Our dedicated team and state-of-the-art equipment are always ready to transport your beloved possessions and valuable items to their destination safely and securely. Our door-to-door delivery promise ensures that every aspect of your transaction with us will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Laila Movers

Do you need a local moving company? Call now and ask for a free quote from Laila Movers and Packers allow our years of experience, good reputation and highly skilled staff to move your furniture safely and rest assured that you have chosen a reliable and reputable local mover.


Since 2010, Laila-Movers has a single goal; to make moving a simple and seamless experience. We evolve continuously to ensure you relocate with the least inconvenience. Moving with us is a happy experience because we keep our sacred promise.

No Mess No Stress

A NPS* of over 90, a Google Rating of 5 for over 93% reviews and 80% of moves from customer referrals, says we are keeping our promise.

Villa Movers

Villa Movers

Home Movers and Packers

Home Movers

Office movers

Office Movers

Do you provide a free moving estimate?

Yes, we offer free, no-obligation estimates. You can request an estimate online or by calling our office.

Do you offer packing services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive packing services. Our professional packers can handle all your packing needs, from a single room to your entire home.

What should I do to prepare for moving day?

Ensure all items are packed and labeled, and that pathways are clear for the movers. Confirm that you have completed all necessary paperwork and communicated any special instructions to the moving team.